Veggiewise Floats


We read Stephen King’s It for bookclub, and I was inspired by Pennywise the Clown to make a nice little produce sculpture to take with. Veggiewise the Clown. I cracked up when my friends were really hesitant to sample my little crudite display. He is a little bit more off-putting than our treats of Halloweens past…..

Henry the rat (he’s not real!) wants some nice werewolf paws and mummy dogs. Yum. The werewolf paws are just chicken with 4 cuts to make fingers, sprinkled with paprika (and garlic), decorated with olive half nails, and baked off.Werewolf Paws

The Jolly Egger Jolly Egger


Poor pumpkin. We think he had too much beer after his guac.Barfing Pumpkin

Halloween cut out cookies. Gingerdead Men and Sweet Spirits cookies.P1070316P1070304