Cookbook Review: Sweet Potato Soul: 100 Easy Vegan Recipes for the Southern Flavors of Smoke, Sugar, Spice, and Soul by Jenné Claiborne

9780451498892Sweet Potato Soul: 100 Easy Vegan Recipes for the Southern Flavors of Smoke, Sugar, Spice, and Soul by Jenné Claiborne is a neat book. It ranges from the foodie to healthy end of the vegan cookbook spectrum. She’s a very strong flavorist. There’s not a boring or apologetically seasoned bite to be had in this book. There are some ingredients that will likely require a little extra effort to find, but most of it readily available. The recipes are easy, and her instructions are clear.

My thoughts and pics on some of the dishes I tried….

1) Bourbon BBQ Tempeh Sandwiches – p 142 with Bourbon BBQ Sauce – p 208 and Quick Pickled Onions – p 75. Great sandwich. It’s nice and sweet and smoky. I like the texture. I just air fried some pickles to go with this.1

2) Sweet Potato Hummus – p 121. We loved this one. It’s nice and spicy. My little girl wanted to make it again right away.2

3) Bootylicious Gumbo – p 134. We liked this one, but the sage was overpowering. I’d dial that way down next time.3

4) Cajun Blackened Tofu Sandwiches – p 151 with Spicy Peach Tomatillo Salsa – p 212 and Creole Seasoning – p 36. This sandwich is *amazing*! Four sets of thumbs way up in this omnivore house! I never would have thought of marinating tofu in beer. It works. The salsa is fantastic with a great sweet hot balance. I’d cut the broiling time of the tomatillos and jalapeno in half. Iit calls for ¼ – ½ cup of the Creole seasoning, but only uses 1 Tablespoon.4

Some others I have flagged to try: Coconut Corn Chowder – p 94 * Happy Hearts Crab Cakes – p 129 * Peach Date BBQ Jackfruit Sliders – p 135 with Peach Date BBQ Sauce – p 207 and Rainbow Root Slaw – p 79 * Cardamom Apple Pie – p 161 * Caramelized Coconut Grilled Peaches – p 182 * Bourbon Vanilla Ice Cream – p 184 * Coconut Pecan Pralines – p 185 * Plum Verbena Sorbet – p 187 * Late Summer Sangria – p 200

*I received a copy of this book to explore and share my thoughts.

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