Shin splints suck and I love CrossFit!

Shin splints! I was running 9 1/2 miles a day and loving it! Then shin splints. Shin splints are the worst. I needed to deal with them so they didn’t become a stress reaction or stress fracture. I’m on a lady fitness site, and asked what people did to heal them. Foam rolling, deep squats to deal with a muscle imbalance, stretching, and compression socks. To my surprise, icing was really controversial and people felt passionate about their positions.

Okay, I ordered compression socks, foam rollers, and started going after deep squats and stretches like nobody’s business. I’d worked for a few years on that running endurance, and didn’t want to give that up. I decided to give CrossFit a try. Holy workout, Batman! You’re a sweaty mess and done in less than an hour. It’s totally scalable to every fitness level, so it’s custom order-type challenging, and a novice and a gymrat can work out side-by-side. Perfect. To my shock, my husband quit with his nautilus-type gym and started joining me. And then the kids showed up. Too neat.

And it works! The scale hasn’t moved. Probably because it weighs muscle, fat, bones, water, and all. But I bought these jeans last Thanksgiving and they fit. I think I might need new jeans. Working on my 6-pack! I think I’m going to toss my 6-pack on my scale in case I feel compelled to step on that thing again.

We put together a CrossFit gym in the garage. People have been asking about it, so I thought I’d post it all in one spot.

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IMG_8558Gym Flooring – Foam mats. They’re perfect because you can tailor the outline to your space. It’s comfy enough for floor stretching, too. Since it’s out in the garage, it gets tidied up with the leaf blower frequently. We got the 1/2″ thick 144 sq ft pack, but smaller packs are available if you don’t need that much. ProsourceFit Exercise Puzzle Mat

Barbells and plates – We have my father-in-law, Raul’s, old set. It’s all Weider. $28 of spray paint at Walmart and we made them as bright as we wanted! Here’s a 2″ barbell with good reviews. Barbell And here’s cute, color-coded HulkFit bubber bumper plates. Weight plates

Kettlebells, dumbbells, and medicine balls – These get used all the time. Amazon Basics Double Grip Type Medicine Ball   SPRI Kettlebell Weights Deluxe Cast Iron Vinyl Coated

Squat cage – A squat cage is neat because you can back squat a lot more weight than you can press, so you can start the bar right where it needs to be. The first time I deadlifted the weight and then wondered how in the heck I was going to get it on the back of my shoulders. Pressing’s no joke. The top has a bar for pull-ups and toes to bar, too. This came with dip handles, too, although I didn’t think it was supposed to. Those are still just hopeful for us. We’re calling them drop and hops. One day!!! This thing is impressively sturdy. My 250 pound husband hangs off of it with barely any motion.  HulkFit 1000-Pound Capacity Multi-Function Adjustable Power CageIMG_8561

Rings – We tried a rope over the squat cage at first, but that killed our hands. These are wonderfully comfortable. NAYOYA Gymnastics RingsIMG_8334

Pull-up assist – You put your foot through it and it gives a pull-up booster if you’re at an almost pull-up. Lifeline Pull Up Revolution Assistance System

Chalk – So you don’t have to worry about slippery, sweaty hands with pull-ups and toes-to-bar. Salty Lance 2 lb Gym Chalk Bucket IMG_8552

Bench press – Lovely for literally bench pressing and barbell rows. We have my father-in-law Raul’s old bench. It’s a Weider.

Rowing machine – We bought a value play. $200. It gets the job done. Weirdly, it doesn’t measure distance. So, we row 5 minutes for 1000m and 2 1/2 minutes for 500 meters. If money’s no object, you want a Concept 2. Sunny Health and Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine with LCD Monitor

Jump box – I’m working up to it. My hub can do the 20″ jump and the kids can both do the 30″. This is heavy foam, so it can handle my 250 pound husband and no one gets bloody shins if they miss. BalanceFrom 3 in 1 20″ 24″ 30″ Foam Plyometric Jump Box

Jump rope – we got speed ropes on Amazon. DoubleWonderUnder makes customizable ropes. Yeah, for $20 you can make a Wonder Woman rope. WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope

Exercise bands – These are fun. And hard. You can put them around your thighs to add resistance for squats, jumping jacks, and side steps. That’s not my favorite, though. Pop them around your ankles, put on your favorite song, and penguin dance the heck out of it. It’s a great workout, but it’s completely ridiculous, so it brings sweaty giggles. Sooo good. MOOND Fabric Booty Bands

Punching bag and gloves – We got 4 pair of the gloves so no one would have to share. My husband needed 16 ounce for his size, and the 12 ounce are perfect for me and the girls. We bought the Bas Rutten videos to work out with it. RDX 8 PC Punching Bag Heavy Unfilled   RDX Boxing Gloves   Bas Rutten MMA System WorkoutIMG_7311


Self care: Foam rollers and compression socks. 321 Strong Foam Roller SB Sox Compression Socks (20-30mm)


We were thinking about a name and nothing was hitting us. I said I was going out to Gymmy one night and then it hit me, Gymmy McGill’s! <Better Call Saul> B relocated the tools so that we could have a handstand wall. We just have to cart the trash bin out. Not ideal, but it works!IMG_7855IMG_8548

I finished painting it. I think I’m going to paint a few big hibiscus around the door.

We put up a tv, mostly so we can do exercise videos out there, but one of the kiddos likes to work out with Hunger Games and Sponge Bob in the background.

My hub’s Christmas party was at Main Event last year. We pooled together everyone’s winning tickets and got a blue tooth disco lamp for the game room. The kids brought it down to the gym, and it blasts tunes in the most ridiculous way. I stupid love that disco party lamp.

Now we just need a few heavier kettlebells once stores get them back in stock. The gym’s pretty much done, and gets as much love as the family room.


Need inspiration? There’s a podcast called Thick Thighs Save Lives, and it’s amazing. The girls and I can’t get enough of it. I should mention that there’s a fair amount of swearing in it for those that would screen for that. They have a webpage, Fitness Programming by CVG. It’s women only, 60,000 members, all supportive, without a troll in site, and no Instagram baloney. Yeah, that really exists. We bought their ebook and worked through it, shocked by how quickly they increase your fitness level. I’m an ex-analyst, so I had to do the program twice to prove to myself that it was working. It worked crazy well. I feel so much stronger and feel more alive than ever the rest of the time. We’re going to sign-up for their ongoing programming. It should come with a warning that you’ll end up with a workout legging addiction. Remember that show The Magic School Bus? I have leggings for every occasion, rivaling Ms. Frizzle’s dress collection!