IMG_2599Artist, foodie and hiker. I rely heavily on reviews when making purchases, so I started reviewing all of my cookbooks and other kitchen stuff (and a bit of outdoor equipment) in an effort to pay it forward. I love nothing more than cooking and talking about food 24/7, so I thought it would be a nice twofer. Reviewing keeps my non-foodie friends’ eyes from glazing over with whatever books I’m playing in that week, and might help someone else find a good fit. Nice.

There are so many cookbooks out there! Great news if you want to try them all, and I do! But the choices can be overwhelming if you don’t. How do you know which are right for you? I have my favorites for sure, but that’s definitely not the point. I hope to show you enough of each book that you’ll find the ones that you’ll adore and avoid those that would gather dust in your house.

Publishers, if you’d like to send me advance review copies of your cookbooks, please do! Email me at MajorWelch@gmail.com. If you’d like to give me permission to post a recipe or two so my readers can taste your book, even better! I usually try out three new recipes each day, so I’m always looking for new material to play in.

I’m an Amazon affiliate, so every time you make a purchase on Amazon using a link on my blog, I get a very tiny percentage. That helps keep me in cookbooks! Thank you!